the green alpine view


In order to preserve our environment and our natural resources and to leave a good world for our future generations, we try to work as ecologically and economically as possible at Alpenblick.

Everywhere in our house you can follow a "GREEN" trail.

At breakfast

  • We work with little individual packaging
  • We use regional dairy products
  • We do not have bread baskets, because too much is thrown away.
  • Coffee is available from our fully automatic coffee machine, as much as everyone wants to drink for themselves
  • Egg dishes are freshly prepared by us to order

In our rooms

  • We change your towels only on request or when needed
  • Small holes in our sheets are mended in house
  • On our floor you will find drinks in a maxibar instead of a minibar in every room
  • Our information bags are intended for several guests
  • Many of our rooms have a main switch for electricity
  • You will hardly find individual packages in our bathrooms (e.g. large soap dispensers)
  • There is a main switch for our hair dryers, which must be kept pressed down

In the restaurant

  • All tables are free of table linen so energy can be saved in laundry
  • We use many regional products without long supply chains
  • Our dinner menu is cooked according to advance order so that there are few leftovers
  • Our kitchen works with little kitchen waste

In the alpine view

  • Our house has a Sicotronic system. With this system the energy of the big appliances like kitchen appliances, sauna, washing machines etc. is split up and sent to the respective devices accordingly. Therefore, our sauna cannot be used in the evening at service time - otherwise the food stays cold
  • We heat our sauna during the day only on request. So it does not run in vain. We ask our guests to sign out after using the sauna so that we can turn it off again.
  • We generate electricity & hot domestic water through our solar panels. We store the electricity in storage tanks.
  • Our heating system regulates itself down at outside temperatures of 20 degrees and above.
  • All our hotel linen, from towels to bed linen, is washed and ironed completely by ourselves. This way logistics can be saved.
  • We have an electric charging station with 2 parking spaces at the main house for our guests. Here you can fill up with our solar power directly :)
  • In front of our guest house we have sown a wildflower bed. Here many insects find food and shelter.
  • We grow a large part of our herbs for the kitchen and drinks ourselves in raised beds.
  • Bit by bit, we are converting the entire house to LED lighting. In addition to that we take great care to save unnecessary lighting